5 valid reasons to Use Facebook Messenger Marketing (Chatbots) for your business

  • Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • Business
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Doesn't it feel great to chat with a chatbot as a visitor? My main point is that the way people communicate with business is changing. And as a marketing manager or owner, you must change the way you do marketing accordingly.

Although not hidden, let me remind you that the messaging platforms are catching up fast. The example is crystal clear as Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users on Messenger. It has become the platform to get in touch with their friends and family, get updated news. Furthermore, users are also happy to connect with businesses using Facebook Messenger. It is predicted that Messenger Marketing will become even more attractive in the future. 

So, you have got 5 valid reasons to Use Facebook Messenger Marketing (Chatbots) for your business

  • Starts Conversations

Unlike emails, message sent through a chatbot is completely at your hands. Because along with open rate and click-through rate, you can also track whether users opened or read the message or not. Overall, a chatbot on Messenger allows engagement far more than email ever can. Chatbot on Messenger can conversationally give your audience choices, for example, people can choose whether to read a blog post or not. Means, your chatbot supports your customer journey with personalized communication. 

  • High Open Rates

Comparatively, Open rates are high with Messenger Marketing. All thanks to the capability of your chatbot to engage your customers in communication. 

  • Instant Reply

Both your reader and your chatbot give an instant reply, directly making the conversation more intriguing. It is also one of the factors that set the chatbots apart from the other types of marketing. 

  • Easy tagging and segmentation of subscribers

Personalize your subscribers' experience!! Because chatbots make the most of your marketing as it also helps to segment your subscribers. So, grab the opportunity to increase their engagement and trust by sending them highly relevant content. On the other hand tagging on Messenger helps you to get crucial information about your subscriber's preferences. 

  • Easily digestible information

Chatbots ensures that the content is worth reading for subscribers. Because it sends bitesize pieces of information to give readers time to consume it, before moving towards the option to learn more.


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