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  • Friday, November 15, 2019
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Whether to contact customers easily, or to give your customer ⏩fast⏩ access to products and services with share, like and comment feature, Facebook is the number one marketing platform for any business regardless of size and type. Also, you can take advantage of instant replies, which send automatic messages the moment customers start a chat with you. It's the way to handle πŸ’¬ messages πŸ’¬ quickly and easily. 


TIPS: Include a personalized message, introduce your brand, and direct customers to FAQs, or product page πŸ“ƒ while they wait 🚏 for you to get in touch.


πŸ€– Apart from instant replies, you can also handle more complicated questions, customer complaints, and suggestions. All thanks to chatbots that helps to automate Facebook Chat Support. Chatbots can do much more than this. Want to know about it? View below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰ Chatbots also collect leads, provide automated services, and personalize the experiences of customers.

πŸ‘‰ Likewise, you can set up reminders for your customers.

πŸ‘‰ Facebook Chat Support with chatbot integration offers 24/7 service, automate e-commerce, and earns targeted leads.

❓But How to Automate Facebook Chat Support

Facebook does not have an actual bots. But, you can use AI-Powered platform like Setbots, to automate Facebook Chat Support. Follow the steps 🚢🚢 to Get Started.

STEP 1: Create a Setbots Account by linking your Facebook account, so that Setbots can access your Facebook page. 

STEP 2: Installed a pre-featured template to automate facebook chat support in 2 minutes.

Alternatively, you can create your customized chatbot. If you want to know in details Click Here.

🧲 Ways to drive potential customers to your messenger bot

πŸ‘‰ FB Messenger Paid Advertising

πŸ‘‰ Website

πŸ‘‰ FB Post

πŸ‘‰ Comments

Automating Facebook Chat Support is the innovation to better serve your customers. Build a strong relationship with your customers by harnessing the πŸ”ŒpowerπŸ”Œ of chatbots, instant replies, and Facebook inbox πŸ“ͺ!!