Chatbots pricing perfectly fit your brand

  • Friday, November 22, 2019
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🤖 Chatbots!

Powerful and intelligent technology designed to improve customer experiences. It is a great tool to update your audience about events or promotions, broadcast announcements, gather feedback and answer most common questions using AI. Above all, building a chatbot is very easy.

You can use a platform like Setbots, an AI-Powered chatbot that can be integrated on Facebook messenger. It is responsive to keywords.

However, the real concern for most individuals and companies is the cost of building a chatbot. And the answer is always the same. "It depends!" This is not something that can be answered like “How much is a pack of milk?” With us, for example, a bot can range anywhere from NRs. 7000/- to NRs. 10000/- for setup fee and monthly charge NRs. 10000/- to above depending on the number of subscribers. Until and unless the requirement is shared along with the industry details, it is hard to comment on chatbots pricing.

Even though it depends upon the enterprise requirement, one thing is sure that,

👌 Chatbots price perfectly fit your brand

Setbots, an AI-Powered platform to build chatbot have friendly pricing that fits the needs of small, medium and enterprise-sized companies looking for AI chatbots

Get Started For Free and build your first chatbot!

Regardless of the type and size of the enterprise you own, you can build a chatbot with Setbots. Choose a plan that works well for you. 

Please feel free to contact our sales team to explain your chatbot requirements. Remember, our pricing perfectly fits your brand.