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  • Sunday, November 17, 2019
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As of now, Setbots, our AI-Powered Chatbot on Facebook will provide you with fast and straightforward help on any questions and matters related to Aakash SMS, Orchids Retail, and Healthy Home products and services.

This means that all these companies (Aakash SMS, Orchids Retail, and Healthy Home) provide a digital service and advisory function, which will give you answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about, e. g., weight loss, bulk SMS, men's wear within a very short time. Setbots, AI-Powered chatbot is available 24/7 to answer your queries as much as possible. That's why we say, "You chat, the Chatbot answers". For example, you can very conveniently choose branded clothes for women on Orchids Retail, choose the SMS campaign on Aakash SMS, choose the weight loss treatment on Healthy Home. If it is unable to answer your questions then Facebook chatbot directs you to the human assistant via Live Chat or leaves the company's contact details.

You will love to extend conversations with a chatbot because of its awesome capabilities. 

πŸ’Quick replies

Instead of typing something, you can also select ready-to-go choices with a chatbot. All thanks to its quick replies feature. 

πŸ’ Inline videos

Make your chatbot experience much more fun. Because you can also watch a video rather than reading boring text cards. 

πŸ’ Call-To-Action buttons

  • Share button: Share button like gallery cards and text cards with buttons add value to your journey.  

  • Call button: With the call button feature, you can initiate a call directly from a chatbot. 

  • Links: You can also go directly to the website with the help of a chatbot.

Facebook Chatbot Functionalities

πŸ’ Simpler means to interact with businesses and get a faster response to a question or complaint. 

πŸ’ Information about the product, services, and current offers 

πŸ’ A reminder of events, or anything important for you

πŸ’ Fast and reliable customer service

πŸ’ Transfer to a live chat with the service team

There is a continual improvement in Facebook chatbot's functionalities. And we are also upgrading Setbots, AI-Powered chatbot time and again to offer you the self-service in a Nepali version too effectively and efficiently. However, this function is already live. 

For the test, please chat with Healthy Home chatbot. Click Here if you are interested.

As a part of this, your personal opinion would be a great help to improve our product and services. That’s why we are delighted to receive your feedback! To provide feedback, please comment below.

Reach Setbots, AI-Powered Chatbot easily

1. Open your personal Facebook account via your desktop, mobile or the Facebook app and search for ‘Orchids Retail’, 'Healthy Home', 'Aakash SMS' in the search field.

2. Alternatively, you can also enter the names in the Messenger app’s search field.

4. And if you would like to try the Facebook chatbot right now, simply click on the button below.

Orchids Retail

Healthy Home

Aakash SMS

Setbots hopes you enjoy trying it out.