10 Reasons why Business Needs Chatbot?

  • Thursday, September 5, 2019
  • Usability

When Chatbots was introduced, the people were curious and at the same time anxious about its influence and effect on the future of enterprise and business. However, in recent times, many brands are already using a chatbot such as Setbots which is a visual bot builder for Facebook Messenger.

So What's Next?

Adopting innovative technology is mandatory for businesses of every size and type in the competitive world. Grabbing the unique trend means to grab the opportunity for organizational growth. There will be a huge uptake in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for business. Because 80% of all businesses will be using an AI-Powered Chatbot platform by 2020. The time is near and the competition is fierce! Accordingly, Chatbots is being used highly and broadly. Businesses also have the top 10 valid reasons to introduce Facebook Messenger Chatbots to improve branding.

  1. User interactive marketing platform
    Unlike apps and websites, the AI-Powered Chatbots platform supports active interaction with users. It initiates the conversation with the site visitors and engages them longer on the specific platform. It also adds value to the business that requires an interactive marketing campaign.
  2. 24/7 available
    Any employee gives you 5-6 productive hours. But, your free bot gives you 24 productive hours, 7 productive days a week, and in overall 365 productive days a year to support your customers instantly.
  3. Automatic Customer Support:
    Most of the time, human agents have to repeat the same thing constantly for each new customer asking similar questions. The process is lengthy in itself and customers should stand in a queue as well. Well, for such purpose Chatbot plays its role automatically and instantly by answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to customers. For complicated cases, Chatbots book a time for customers to connect with live agents.
  4. Accelerate business operations:
    Unlike human agents, Chatbots do not have any limitations in terms of time and efficiency. Driveaway the old method of recruiting people for routine and humdrum tasks. Instead, use Chatbots integration to lure out loyal and technology savvy customers.  It directly accelerates business operations while reducing effort and cost.
  5. Double the chances of success: 
    Instead of employing a large salesforce, stay ahead of the competition by making productive and meaningful use of the free Messenger Chatbot platform. A salesforce can only handle a defined number of customer requests but Chatbots can process gigabytes of data at one time. Your chatbot can also make pitching by convincing users to buy products and services explaining the benefits.
  6. Human resource (HR) only for qualitative tasks:
    While assigning customer service tasks to Chatbots, you can employ the Human Resources team for productive and qualitative business tasks.
  7. Increase customer satisfaction along with Return on Investment (ROI):
    The organizational success depends upon customer satisfaction. If the customers are satisfied, they are likely to become loyal and recommend the company to their circles as well. Chatbots gains the trust and delight of customers offering quick help and solutions. Businesses with a strong base of loyal customers will flourish more in the market.
  8. Cost-effective:
    In comparison to apps, businesses can develop Chatbots at a reasonable price and offer a great user experience. Chatbot Pricing is perfect for small and medium businesses striving to offer a better experience to customers. Investing in quality products like Chatbots is worth the price.
  9. Time-efficient:
    Until and unless you do not want to make something that is out-of-box, you can build a Facebook messenger bot within a couple of minutes. Execute your strategies for Messenger marketing a step earlier by building Chatbots.
  10. Branding: 
    Offer customers what they want -- qualitative solutions in minimum effort. It is a trick to stay ahead in the competition by establishing a better brand. You can also give character/personality to your brand through Chatbots. It is also a way to help your customers identify your business.

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