• Monday, September 9, 2019
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Successful campaign depends upon the way you study and target your Audience. Setbots' Audience tab contains 3 main elements. 

  1. FILTER: It allows you to apply different conditions (such as gender, language, time zone, etc.) to filter your audience. Find out the users that interacted with your bot. 

  2. TAGS: It allows you to see the tags that you used to segment your subscribers. 

  3. SEQUENCES: It allows you to see the number of subscribers for each of the created Sequence. 


How To Filter Your Audience

  1. Click on the Filter button

  2. Click Condition to choose the conditions from Gender, Tags, Language, and Timezone as per your requirement. 

Now, target and analyze your Audience by combining these filters. 



In Setbots, Tag helps to segment your customers or subscribers based on their collected data. In simple, it is useful to group customers. You can always change the tags as per your needs. The Tag Functionality work in various ways.

  1. Create Tags: You can use the Tags in your Audience section or use the Customer's profile to create or add the tags. The number of customer’s contact determines the method for tagging. For instance, you can tag a few customers using their profiles. But, bulk action is always the better option when it comes to tag the large or selected group. 

  2. Delete Tags: Remember, your audience for future broadcast depends upon the way you work with tags. Here you can also remove the tags that are unusable for you.


Uses of Tags 

You can either use tags to use valuable information as Analytics. Tags also help you to trigger the sequences for the defined user. Triggers are simply the events happening on your website application, for example, the system sending different messages to users. For a particular tag, you can set up a filter, as‌ ‌a‌ ‌rule, subscribe to a person in sequence messages.


Example in case of confusion

You have 500 subscribers on a specific "Interested" tag on Sunday. You Scheduled a Broadcast for the next week on the same day. But, next Sunday "Interested" tag subscribers increased from 500 to 1000. The good news is that you can send the Scheduled Broadcast to all the "Interested" tag subscribers without editing it.


Subscriber Profile

To open the profile of the subscribers, click on the subscriber. Here you can check user status, timezone, tags and so on. You can also use this to access Live Chat with users instantly.