• Monday, September 9, 2019
  • Product


Setbots, AI-Powered Bot Platform provides the Autoposting feature to grow your subscribers on social networks. Besides Facebook, Autoposting can help you to link following Social Networks

  1. YouTube

  2. RSS

  3. Twitter 

Autoposting benefits: Automatically notifies your subscribers base each time you post new content on the above mentioned social networks. 

Find the Autoposting feature on the Setbots Broadcasting section. To get started: 

STEP 1: Click +New Channel or Create New on the top-right corner

STEP 2: You will see something like this

STEP 3: Then, Add the Source Channel as per your wish


Choose the YouTube channel and add a link to your channel you wish to connect. Now, every new video on this channel will be automatically broadcasted to your subscribers.


Simply, choose the RSS channel and add an RSS feed of your chosen website. Once the feed is active, every new content posted on the website will be automatically broadcasted to your subscribers.


Choose Twitter channel and add the link of account you want to broadcast from. Once done, your subscribers will receive notification about Tweets.