Can I message all my page fans?

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • Help & Support

Can I message all my page fans?

No, you cannot. Setbots, a visual bot builder currently do not have the functionality to message all your page fans. Maybe later, you can! Learn More to know WHY?

Messenger Marketing by AI-Powered Bot exclusively supports sending messages to the Subscribers. The page users/fans become subscribers when they message your page or Opt-in through one of the attached Growth Tools.  You can message them back as soon as they become a subscriber by messaging your page.

Suppose your business Facebook page has 5000 fans. But you can't message them until and unless they become your subscriber. First of all, give your fans reason to message you to convert them into subscribers. Offer something that they do not get just by being a fan. Make full use of Growth Tools (Widgets and Ads) to expand your audience from free Messenger Bot. However, do not keep your expectations extremely high because you may only get around 2% (50) Messenger Subscribers out of 5000 fans.

Remember: In comparison to Email marketing, the Click-through rates are high in Messenger marketing. For the same case scenario, Email Marketing hardly gives you five subscribers.