• Monday, September 9, 2019
  • Product

Welcome to your Setbots Dashboard tab!

On the top left, you will see your page name (ScienceCity), and Account ID (2391839850838585) beneath it and Bot Link in the top right. Share the link and grow your subscribers! 

You can also find the basic information of your subscribers in the Setbots' Dashboard tab. You can see the graph to analyze the statistic of the following:

  1. Subscribes (represented by a green dot)

  2. Unsubscribes (represented by a red dot)

  3. Net Subscribers (represented by a blue dot)

Subscribes represent statistics for the user who subscribed to your bot. And unsubscribes represent those who left your bot. Net subscribers represent the remaining number of subscribers after deducing unsubscribers for each day. Remember, you can use the data to analyze the reason (when and why) behind ups and downs. Get insights on getting more subscribers!



Choose the Start Date and End Date to see the number of Subscribers, Unsubscribers and Net Subscribers within that period. NOTE: the statistics may change as per the time interval you select.