• Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Convenient, instantaneous and always at your fingertips—some of the expectations you set for your customers. Messenger Marketing is a best-fitting example. But, you will not receive effective and efficient results only by having subscribers. Setbots, an AI-Powered free Facebook Chatbot acts as a key to unlock the additional benefits of messenger marketing.

More and more e-commerce companies are using Free Facebook Messenger platform to deliver better customer experience. Are you among them starting your Setbots, AI-Powered Bot Platform journey? Welcome to Setbots family!

First of all, it is important to understand what happens when your subscribers hit the Setbots' “Get Started” button to start a conversation with you.

Let's see through an example.

Let's suppose, you are visiting the "FoodMania" Facebook page for ordering food. First, you need to click the "Send Message" button. When you click it, you will see the chat window with the "Get Started" button. Until and Unless, you as the potential subscriber clicks on the "Get Started" button at the right-bottom, you can't send any messages. Facebook provided this mandatory feature for every chatbot. After clicking on that, the 'Get Started" button triggers an automatic message. Quite interesting, right?


The sender automatically becomes the subscriber of your page if he/she clicks on the "Get Started" button. Means, each "Get Started" message gives you a subscriber. However, you can not customize the Get Started button, as it is the feature solely provided by Facebook Messenger.

"Unlock additional potentiality of Facebook Messenger" with Setbots.

Setbots grant you Facebook Messenger Bot to send Welcome Message to your subscribers. It helps you to introduce your page, introductory information, product, and service to your prospective customers. It can also lead subscribers to contact you through different sites. So,  bring your needs to the table and set up your buttons. Enable the "Welcome Message" feature to send your subscribers' message as soon as they click the "Get Started" button.