How Does Broadcasting work in Setbots

  • Thursday, September 26, 2019
  • Help & Support

Broadcasting works in Setbots the same way like sending broadcast emails from email service providers to your email subscribers. The broadcasting feature allows sending broadcast messages within the messenger to all your subscribers at once.

Once you use the Setbots Growth Tools, you will get the growing list of subscribers. But, if you haven't use Setbots⁠—AI-powered bot platform yet then see how to Get Started with Setbots and grow your subscribers. Once you do that, its time to use the subscribers list productively. For that, you will get a different option in Setbots. First is Broadcasting.

When you click on "+Add Broadcast" under the Broadcasting, you will see two sections⁠—the Broadcast, and Settings. 

See what can you do with Broadcast and Settings sections. 

Broadcast: It allows you to include different kinds of content in your broadcast message.

Settings: Allows you to set three types of message types—subscription broadcast, promotional broadcast, and follow-up broadcast. 


(NOTE: If you click any of the message types, you will see the short description below it to help you find different between them and also stay in compliance with Facebook rules.)

The broadcast messages can not contain any kind of ads of promotional materials, but you can send it anytime. So choose the message type to broadcast messages to your audience without having any issues with Facebook. In compliance with the Facebook rules, you can set a promotional broadcast that lasts 24 hours, or a follow-up broadcast after the end of the 24-hour promotional broadcast. Targeting is the next section under Settings. When you click +CONDITION besides it, you can target your audience using specific tags—gender, language, and timezone. Then, you can schedule the broadcast message. Either click Start Sending Now button or click Schedule For Later button!

Quick Tips: Another way to broadcast in Setbots is Autoposting.

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