How LIVE Chat can simplify your communication?

  • Thursday, September 5, 2019
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How LIVE Chat can simplify your communication?

Unquestionably, communication is an essential part of human civilization.

The Trend in Communication - To be simpler than ever

The globalized world of today demands communication to be as simple as possible. Following the demand, the technological revolution and modernization brought the tools, devices, and platforms accordingly. However, the world continues to find possibilities and attempt to simplify communication.

Thankfully, Setbots is also powered with the Live Chat feature. Live Chat comes in use when your Free Chatbot is unable to answer some of the queries of site visitors. Today, Live Chat mainly AI-Powered Bot Platform is widely accepted by more and more companies as a communication channel to simplify communication. Because Live Chat supports operational efficiencies and instantly connects customers to services. Besides, the rate of customers adopting Live Chat is also increasing continuously with the organization promoting its features and ensuring its visibility. But, the question is how Live Chat simplifies communication? It is convenient, instantaneous and always at your fingertips.

SEE MORE details to know HOW?

  1. Virtual Assistants: The chat duration is faster than before. Certainly, it helps in simplifying communication. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Powered Bot in Live Chat helps to assist customer's question by initiating an instant chat session. As per one of the sources, the Chatbots can handle 20 percent of the chat from start to finish. Even without the assistance of humans, companies can explore and solve several cases with virtual assistants.

  2. Mobile Chat: As per the source, in 2017, 43.78% of chat queries were received from mobile devices. Mobility matters! Why bother getting back to desktop when mobile device helps to connect with the required product, service and information from anywhere at any time. Besides Desktop and Personal Computers, Live Chat also supports smartphones, tablets, and other web-enabled devices. Failing to incorporate mobile, and web-enabled devices other than desktop and PCs means the exclusion of half of the customers from live chat services.

  3. Real-time Chat: Live Chat handles what Phone and Email can't. Real-time chat is probably the most powerful features to enhance the online experience of customers. Live Chat helps to reply to customers in seconds, no matter how they reach out. Instant answers surprise your customers by getting rid of long queries and queues.

  4. Proactive Chat: A company using Live Chat offers optimized customer experience to its prospective customers and visitors by initiating proactive chat. This helps prospective customers to contact the company quickly without any complications, clarify their queries to make a decision.

  5. A multitude of contact opportunities: With Live Chat, companies can offer a variety of options for contact and video to their prospective customers while saving the time of both employees and customers.

  6. Reconnect Now: Automatic reconnection also plays a vital role in Live Chat when a customer loses the connection during a chat.

  7. Chat Feedback: Customers also provide immediate feedback through surveys following chat sessions, which helps the organization to improve customer satisfaction.

Remember, any changes in the Live Chat strategy should not compromise customer needs. Simple communication also means to balance service efficiency and service quality.