How to Create Messengers Ads on Facebook?

  • Friday, September 27, 2019
  • Help & Support

Nowadays, customers can access businesses easily. All thanks to bot strategies that help the business to reach their prospective customers instantly with just some message pop-up box at the bottom. It also allows different types of campaigns where visitors can message back. You can also use Chatbots for creating Messenger Ads. What platform do you use to build your bot? Please comment below! If you are new then I would recommend you to use the brand new Setbots, AI-Powered bot platform. As far as looking into Setbots,  it is pretty simple. You have Growth Tools, Broadcasting, Automation, Flows, Audience, and Live Chat. Everything you need on the go!

The business world is driven by Ads and Chatbots. The effectiveness of Facebook Messenger in almost any marketing campaign is remarkable.

“Messenger campaigns have 95% plus in Open Rate areas and about 40% plus in the Click Through Rates (CTRs), higher than email campaigns that have only 20-30% open rates.”

Indeed a huge opportunity for every business for effective digital marketing and promoting sales!

Looking to start more conversations with potential customers? Well, you can create an ad with the message objective from your Facebook page. It directly helps to boost your Facebook post. At the advanced level, you can use the Ads Manager to create ads.

NOTE about Privacy Settings: Before you can start communicating with your customers, they must reply to your business. So, make sure a welcome message encourages your customers to start a conversation and continue the interaction.

Create Messengers Ads on Facebook

To create Messengers Ads on Facebook, go to your Facebook business page, choose one of the existing posts from your page and click the blue Boost Post button. 

Select the audience you'd like to reach out click Create New Audience. This gives you the option to create an audience based on traits like age, location, and interests.

Click the dropdown below Total Budget to select a budget for your boosted post. You can also select a pre-filled budget.

Choose a Duration option, or type in a custom end date next to Days

  1. Select your preferred payment option. If there are no payment options available for your account, you'll be prompted to add one after clicking Boost.

  2. Click Boost to run your ad.