How to install Setbots Template?

  • Wednesday, September 11, 2019
  • Automation

How to install Setbots Template?

Installing Setbots Templates is easy and quick.

STEP 1: Open your Setbots dashboard and go to the Templates on the left side. In the Templates section, you will see different predefined templates. Besides it, there is an Export Template button to create your template.

STEP 2: Install your Setbots Templates

Use the Featured Templates or use the one you created as per your requirement. 

For example, we choose the Basic (Finance-Banking) Template. 

Click on Install.

You will need to fill certain information before installing the selected template. Click on Finalize Installation at last.

(NOTE: Each template has a Free version as well as a Pro version. You can install a Free version on any page. However, the pro version requires a pro subscription. Select the one you require.)