How to use Bot Fields?

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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How to use Bot Fields?

To get started, you can find the Bot Field in the "Settings" section under the "Custom Fields" tab. Texts, numbers, date and time are some of the values related to the Bot. The Bot Fields stores the very values of Bot in the form of data. However, the values depend upon the action of your subscriber.

Either to track the number of discount coupons given to people through the Messenger platform, track the number of attendees of a certain event or to track the ratings given by your subscribers, Bot Fields will perform its part.

An example to understand how to use Bot Fields?

Suppose, you as an event organizer have 20 discount coupons for Climate Convergence.  You can use Bot Field to distribute the coupons.

  1. First of all, create Bot Field. For that, Click "New Bot Field" and specify the value with Number type. There, you can add 20 coupons. Now, it's time to build a Flow.

  2. Check the availability of discount coupons while creating a flow. Then, create a condition by adding a "Condition Step" such as — Bot Field "Coupons" value is less than 20. If you finish distributing discount coupons, then ask subscribers to get notified about the next one. If not you can ask them to claim one discount coupon, add a tag, and increase Bot Field "Coupons". Among the list of subscribers, the lucky one can claim for the discount coupons until all the coupons tun out.

However, it is much more simple just to track the registrations number if the discount coupons are unlimited. For the very condition,

  1. First, create Bot Field by specifying the value with Number type and set its value to 0.

  2. Just increase the registration by one, each time you receive the new registration.

To Manage your Bot Fields

Go to the "Settings" section under "Custom Fields”

  1. Archive your Bot Field using icon 1

  2. Restore or completely delete the Bot Field using icon 2

NOTE: You can restore archived Bot fields later on, but can't restore if you delete the Bot permanently.