Live Chat

  • Monday, September 9, 2019
  • Product

Setbots, AI-Powered Bot Platform allows you to communicate with your subscribers. You can see the list of your subscribers in the Live Chat section. Also, you can switch between Open and Done conversation with the drop-down menu under the LiveChat header. See the conversation by selecting the desired subscriber. In the right corner, you will see the information about your subscribers (such as profile picture, full name, status, gender, language, and timezone). Additionally, it allows you to pause Automation, add tags, and show Sequence. Also, see how users opted-in! either Download User data, Delete user data or Delete Conversation. 


Any incoming message will start the Live chat thread. You will get 2 options in Settings>Live Chat>Live Chat Behaviour. 

  1. Any message starts a conversation - When a user types any message other than Setup AI phrases (keywords), the option opens up a new chat in the Live Chat section. 

  2. The conversation should be opened explicitly - Whenever a user performs an Action attached to Button or Quick Reply, then the option opens Live Chat with the subscriber. 

Pause Automation

It allows you to stop all bot messages while you communicate with your subscriber. Keywords won't be triggered during this period. Also, you can increase the pause duration or disable it whenever you want in the User Panel.



You can share information between your team members by or some clarifications for yourself adding some notes. The notes are visible to Page admins only.