Use Sequences as Automation tools to grow your Messenger Audience

  • Thursday, September 5, 2019
  • Automation

Use Sequences as Automation tools to grow your Messenger Audience

Sequences— one of the automation tools of Setbots is similar to the automatic message that you reply with an email. Either use existing sequence or create a new one inside Setbots and send it as per the interval defined by you. Besides, it also gives you the flexibility to deliver specific content to a specific segment of the user. Perfect for re-targeting and optimizing conversation via free bot! Along with subscribers and messages, you can see Open Rate statistics and Click Through Rates (CTR) for each of the Sequence. Setbots Sequence provides value to prospective customers in a personal yet automated way. It holds the potential to enhance your business efficiency and sales.

Use the guide to using Sequences and grow your Messenger Audience

Use Sequences for any one of the following:

  1. Reminding webinar or event

  2. Automated follow-up

  3. Offerings such as mini-course

  4. Welcoming

  5. Reminding Challenge task of users

Creating messaging sequence using Setbots

STEP 1: Log in to Setbots dashboard and click Sequences in the Automation section (If you are new to Setbots, see how you can build a free visual bot with Setbots quickly and easily.

STEP 2: Click +New Sequences in the top-right corner

STEP 3: Enter the preferred name for the Sequence and click on Create

STEP 4: Then, Select Existing Flow or Create New Flow in that specific Sequence

STEP 5: Click on +Message Button to add more messages

STEP 6: Change the delay between each message, just click After 1 Days text. You will see the Schedule column and change it as per your requirement. For now, select Immediately. You can also send the message within a certain timeframe. Click on Update Schedule to save the changes.

STEP 7: The first sequence is a confirmation message that’s sent immediately. Add content to this confirmation message by clicking Create New

STEP 8: Type the name of the flow and click on Create

STEP 9: Type Message for recently created flow in the first Sequence

STEP 10: Now navigate back to your sequence and click Create New next to the second message in the sequence.

STEP 11: Then add a combination of images and text content blocks.

STEP 12: Your resulting message might look something like this:

STEP 13: Also, add a button to open a website for more details 

STEP 14: It is best practice to add a quick reply to each message to allow subscribers to easily unsubscribe from the sequence. Click the Quick Reply button to add one

STEP 15: Enter the name in the button and type the message you want to send.  When you’re done, click the green Done button up in the top-right corner.

STEP 16: Follow the same steps for the further sequence messages. Once done with creating the sequence, don’t forget to toggle the messages in the sequence to Active.

Deliver value to your new subscriber by adding a Sequence to your free Messenger bot. Before starting, remember the following tips:

  1. Always ask for permission: Let your subscribers know what kind of information you'll send and how frequently

  2. Stick to providing valuable and relevant content: make sure you understand about the policy of Facebook Messenger to not only send promotional content

  3. Allow users to opt-out of the Sequence to prevent loss of subscribers or being reported as Spam

Are you ready to use Sequences in Chatbot Marketing? 

Best wishes!