What are the dimensions of images for Cards, Lists, etc.?

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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What are the dimensions of images for Cards, Lists, etc.?

The ideal dimensions for the images in the free Messenger Chatbot for Gallery (CARD) images and large images in the first List item:

  1. Have same aspect ratio

  2. SIZE: 909x476 px  - the suggested size helps to make the media appearance perfect on any kind of device.

  3. WIDTH: HEIGHT ratio - 1.91:1

IMAGE OF SIZE 909x476 px

Sometimes, you might not have images of suggested resolution.  The good thing is that a slight drop in image quality is not noticeable, but the image should be no less than 500x262 px.

IMAGE OF SIZE 500x262 px.

Images from Image Block

  1. Have a dynamic aspect ratio, so the appearance of images from Image Block is different on different devices

  2. SIZE: 900×900 px is the suggested size to make the image bigger and sharper, if not at least 450×450 px resolution, or can be less than 450px but one side should not be double the size of another side

  3. An image on Messenger can vary from 1:2 to 2:1 ratio (Width: Height). Images taller than 1:2 (need cutting on its top and bottom to display middle part to the user), Images wider than 2:1 (need cutting on the left and right sides to display middle part to the user). It is better to use a wide image than the tall one. 

  4. The image looks better when it is close to a square shape.

Since Setbots is integrated with free Facebook Messenger, it is recommended not to use very tall or very long images. Because the Facebook chat window shows images in the same aspect ratio as its original version, and the tall or long images will appear very small.

NOTICE: The Facebook documents clearly state that the Messenger cannot show 10Mb+ images.