What are the most common types of businesses using SetBots?

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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What are the most common types of businesses using SetBots?

The different tech, as well as non-tech industries, are already using Facebook Messenger Bots for their business. Regardless of the number of followers, start-up businesses, and types of products or services, Setbots supports marketers, entrepreneurs, and small to medium businesses to communicate with prospective customers.

Some of the common types of businesses using Setbots are as follows:

  1. E-commerce and Online Stores: There are several ways e-commerce is using Setbots by substituting email marketing. It directly helped them to add value to their bottom line and enhance organizational performance. Online marketers are getting information about site visitors through Free Messenger Chatbots that sends more interactive and personalized messages.  Overall, e-commerce and online stores are using Setbots to enhance customer loyalty by developing a more personal relationship with users.

  2. Agencies and Marketers: Using Setbots has helped customer service companies such as agencies as well as marketers. They are using free Messenger Bot to handle FAQ and other questions automatically, help internal as well as external customer service team members.

  3. Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality: Setbots is slowly securing its position in the travel and tourism sector by increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while reducing costs through automation.

  4. Banking & Financial Services: Companies in the banking sector are also using Setbots for smart messaging, personalized tips and suggestions, and customer service. 

  5. HR and Recruiting: Setbots is also helping in recruiting and management of Human Resource (HR) from recruiting, pre-screening, and training an employee for their development by creating a course.  Besides, companies are also using free Messenger Chatbot for automating HR works such as requesting documents, personal information, updating information, feedback and reviews.

  6. B2B companies: The way B2B companies work is changing with the integration of bots in their Messenger platform. Companies are using Setbots as an assistant to automate advisory tasks which directly saves a huge amount of capital. For businesses, it is a massive opportunity.

Business activities

The Setbots is working as a part of Customer relationship Management (CSR) by enhancing customer service and support in the following ways:

  • Answering FAQs

  • Growing sales by building loyal relationships with customers

  • Announcing or reminding live events, webinars

  • Segmenting Audience

  • Automation of messenger marketing

  • Launching products

  • Redirecting visitors to content and support/help