What is a Broadcast?

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • Help & Support

What is a Broadcast?

In simple language, Broadcast means to communicate with the public:

  1. by wire or wireless diffusion

  2. in any form of signs, sounds or visual images

Setbots also contain a Broadcast feature as one of the significant tools best for Messenger Marketing.

Similar to Email broadcast, Setbots Broadcast helps you to send quality content and valuable messages to each of your target subscribers in a particular schedule. The choice is yours!

Quite a helpful feature for an online marketer and entrepreneur to:

  1. Target and deliver content to subscribers list by filtering them as per the requirement

  2. Target and deliver content to subscribers list in the particular time and date as per the requirement

  3. Initiate communication with subscribers via free Messenger Bot, and

  4. Segment subscribers or so-called audience with tags based on their replies, interests, and needs