What's the Difference between Buttons VS Quick Replies?

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • Help & Support

What's the Difference between Buttons VS Quick Replies?


Whenever you ask a question to the user in the Messenger Marketing process, you can use "Buttons" and "Quick Replies" methods both to receive the input from the user. 


The way free Facebook Messenger displays "Buttons" and "Quick Replies" are different, while the Buttons show up as a menu, Quick Replies shows up as a small box at the bottom. Along with the place, both have respective functions, even though both work almost in a similar way.


Knowing the differences between "Buttons" and "Quick Replies" is essential to test and decide user-friendly methods for your business.




  1. Options/Choices: Buttons work great to get the reader's eye. However, it is limited to just three options. Contrarily, Quick Replies offer up to eleven choices/options. Even though users have to scroll over, again and again, Quick Replies is best to make conversation flowing.


  1. Time Duration: Whenever users select either one of it—Buttons stay! Quick Replies disappear! Remember, once the user selects Quick Replies, the user can not go back to the previous step. On the other side, users can press the Buttons as many times as they want. Either to use Buttons or Quick Replies depends upon your requirement for choice/option to stay or not.


  1. Capability to make a Link: Buttons have the advantage over Quick Replies in terms of capability to link. Unlike Quick Replies which can only be linked to Send Message, Start Another Flow, Smart Delay, and Select Existing Step, Buttons can be linked to three more features of Buttons i.e. Open Website, Call Number, and Buy Button.