Who Is SetBots For?

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • Product

Who Is SetBots For?

Every enterprise has unique products and services to offer to the world, either it means to serve delicious food or to educate people for a sustainable environment. They are experts at doing what they do. But, when it comes to market their respective products and services, launch campaigns, acquire leads and other marketing stuff, all of them may not master it or afford it. Marketing products and services is not a choice but a necessity in a fiercely competitive world. 


Therefore, we have brought an excellent marketing product, named “Setbots”. Setbots, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Powered Bot platform integrated with free Facebook Messenger is built principally for online marketers and small to medium enterprises to help grow their business. 


Messenger Marketing containing free chatbot is super reliable to grow networks with wider visitors and prospective customers.